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Q: How often should I have my carpet cleaned?

A: The manufacturers recommend every 12 - 18 months.  I would not go much over 24 months for health reasons.  Carpets hold contaminates that should be removed to maintain a healthy home.

Q: What cleaning methods do we use?

A: We use truck mounted steam hot water extraction.  This is the preferred method by the carpet manufacturers.  It cleans deep and flushes out soils very well.
The equipment required for this is very expensive and requires training and experience.  The results are worth it.

Q: How soon can I walk on my carpet?

A: You may walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning if your shoes are clean.  Wait 24 hours to remove styrofoam blocks and plastic tabs from under furniture.  Do not move furniture onto carpet until it is dry.

Q: Do we move furniture?

A: We move sofas, chairs, tables, ottomans, and beds, when possible.  We ask that you move the small easy to move and breakable items prior to out appointment.  We do not move TV centers, computer systems, china cabinets, etc.

Q: How fast will my carpet dry?

A: Normally from 6 - 10 hours, but it can take longer if the carpet is heavily soiled and if it is a rainy day.  We try to keep the dry time as short as possible, but our first priority is to get your carpet CLEAN and some carpets take more water and solution to get clean.  You can speed up the dry time by using ceiling fans or box type fans.

Q: Can we clean Berber carpets?

A: Yes.  This is where our powerful truck mounted equipment shines.  It has the power to get between the fiber loops and remove hidden soil.

Q: Can we apply Scotch Guard protectant?

A: Yes we can.  As the carpet wears, so does the protectant that was applied at the mill.  We recommend that after each professional cleaning you have the protectant reapplied to the traffic areas.

Q: How do we charge?

A: We ask about your areas of concern, then evaluate and measure the job.  A price is given for your approval before any work is done.  We charge by the square foot and only charge for what gets cleaned.  There are never any high pressure sales or bait and switch tactics.